Why Exhibit / Showcase ?

Participating as an exhibitor or sponsor at Oman Materials, Corrosion, And Integrity Summit offers a range of potential advantages such as:

Visibility - You get exposure to corrosion and materials engineers, consultants, researchers and other professionals. Exhibiting and sponsoring puts your company/brand in front of your target audience.

Lead generation - It's an opportunity to meet new potential customers, partners or collaborators face-to-face. You can collect business cards and follow up on leads.

Thought leadership - You can demonstrate your company's expertise in corrosion prevention/protection and new materials innovations through a booth display, sponsored presentation, etc.

Networking - You can interact with existing customers as well as make new valuable connections within the corrosion and materials community.

Increased visibility - Sponsoring raises your profile through conference marketing materials, signages, Press articles and acknowledgments. This extended visibility lasts beyond just the event dates.

Goodwill and mindshare - It positions your company as a supporter of the industry and advances corrosion and materials research, boosting perception.

Product/service launches - Exhibiting allows you to introduce new corrosion prevention/protection products, materials, technologies or services to the market.

Market insights - By networking and observing competitors, you can gain valuable intelligence on industry trends, upcoming projects, customer needs, and new technologies.

Build expertise - Sponsoring corrosion/materials talks or panels allows your company experts to demonstrate their knowledge and experience to attendees.

Client entertainment - It provides an opportunity to entertain existing clients or prospects through sponsored events at the conference.

Boost sales - Meeting customers face-to-face can help identify new sales opportunities and potentially boost revenue in the short and long-term.

Employee training - The conferences exposes your staff to emerging ideas and issues.

Benchmark competition - Get a first-hand comparison of competitive technologies, services, and solutions on exhibit floors.

Increased proposals/RFPs - Higher profile from sponsoring could lead to more frequent inclusion in pertinent RFPs and bidding proposals.

Data analytics - Gain access to attendee data that you can use for targeted marketing.

Customer appreciation - Sponsored networking activities provide an avenue to thank important clients.

Swag giveaways - Provide promotional items to all attendees with your company branding for increased reach.