Oman Materials, Corrosion and Integrity Summit 2024 is a pioneering event dedicated to exploring the pivotal role that corrosion science, materials protection, integrity management and inspection technologies play in ensuring infrastructure resilience and operational excellence.

This comprehensive summit brings together two critical domains - Corrosion & Materials and Integrity & Inspection - under one roof. By bridging these complementary fields, the conference fosters cross-pollination of knowledge and facilitates a holistic approach to asset preservation and failure prevention.

On the Corrosion & Materials front, gain insights into the intricate corrosion mechanisms, evaluate the latest advancements in materials protection strategies, and explore the fusion of traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technologies. Discover innovative materials, coatings and corrosion mitigation solutions that offer enhanced resistance and extend the service life of critical assets.

Simultaneously, the Integrity & Inspection track will delve into robust asset integrity management programs to minimize risks and maximize the lifespan of infrastructure. Learn from experts about strategies like risk-based inspection, advanced non-destructive testing methods, digital twins, integrated data platforms and emerging technologies that enable predictive maintenance and timely intervention before failures occur.

Corrosion and Materials

Corrosion, in its various forms, has proven itself to be an unyielding force, capable of compromising the integrity and longevity of structures, equipment, and systems across industries. In a world where industrial and infrastructural development plays a pivotal role in shaping our future, the detrimental effects of corrosion cannot be overlooked.

Corrosion knows no industry boundaries. Whether it's pipelines in the energy sector, bridges in transportation, offshore platforms in marine environments or port infrastructure, the impact of corrosion resonates widely.

The importance of infrastructure resilience has never been more pronounced. Our energy distribution networks, and industrial complexes form the backbone of modern society. Yet, these structures are engaged in a constant battle against the forces of deterioration. Corrosion, in particular, emerges as a formidable adversary that tests the mettle of our technological prowess.

As industries expand, global environmental conditions shift, and operating demands increase, the susceptibility to corrosion elevates. In a time where the pursuit of sustainability is paramount, it is imperative that we explore materials, its innovations andtechniques that extend the lifespan of our infrastructure while minimizing our ecological footprint.

The longevity and sustainability of infrastructure are heavily reliant on effective corrosion management and materials protection strategies. Rapid developments in materials science, nanotechnology, coatings, and monitoring technologies have revolutionized corrosion prevention methods.

By bringing together experts from various sectors, the Corrosion and Materials track at Oman Materials, Corrosion and Integrity Summit 2024 aims to drive advancements that will contribute to the resilience, sustainability, and safety of Oman's infrastructure systems.


Integrity & Inspection

In today's dynamic industrial landscape, the pursuit of integrity and the precision of inspection methodologies are paramount. As industries evolve and infrastructures expand, the imperative to maintain integrity becomes increasingly complex. In the realm of asset management, Integrity and Inspection stand as pillars of reliability and safety.

Integrity and inspection go beyond surface-level assessments; they delve deep into the core of asset health, identifying subtle signs of degradation that could compromise safety.

Ensuring the integrity of critical assets is essential for safe and efficient operations across industries. From offshore platforms and pipelines to refineries and power plants, the failure of equipment and infrastructure or lack of effective and efficient inspection strategies can have catastrophic consequences on people, sustainability and business continuity.

The cornerstone of asset integrity lies in the ability to anticipate and address vulnerabilities before they escalate. Through rigorous inspection protocols and cutting-edge technologies, businesses can fortify their assets against the corrosive forces that threaten their structural integrity.

The Integrity & Inspection track at Oman Materials, Corrosion and Integrity Summit 2024 aims to equip the attendees with valuable insights to safeguard critical assets, ensure business continuity, and drive operational excellence for long-term sustainability and growth.

Oman Materials, Corrosion and Integrity Summit 2024 aspires to be a trailblazing platform where industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners converge to explore the critical interplay of these disciplines in fortifying infrastructure resilience and achieving operational excellence.

The summit guarantees an amalgamation of expertise, innovation and diverse perspectives that will catalyse breakthroughs in corrosion control and integrity assurance. It serves as a uniting point for professionals who recognize the urgency of safeguarding assets, ensuring regulatory compliance, optimizing maintenance costs and driving operational excellence.

Corrosion & Materials Committee Chair



Integrity & Inspection Committee Chair