Why attend Oman Materials, Corrosion, And Integrity Summit?

  • Learn about the latest research & case studies on new materials, coatings and corrosion prevention techniques.
  • Get up-to-date on codes, standards and regulatory changes related to corrosion management.
  • Understand how materials innovation can enable more durable, sustainable and economically viable infrastructure solutions.
  • Network with industry experts, researchers, engineers and product developers working on sustainable and recyclable material solutions.
  • Meet AMPP members who works on standards and reports and exchange ideas.
  • Gather practical knowledge on choosing the right construction materials, surface treatments and inspection methods.
  • Stay ahead of corrosion challenges by understanding new environmental stressors and industry trends.
  • Discover emerging technologies like 3D printing, nanocoatings, high-performance alloys etc. for improved durability.
  • Find solutions for legacy asset management, repair and retrofitting of aged infrastructure.
  • Understand total cost of ownership models for corrosion-resistant infrastructure projects.
  • Find qualified coating applicators, inspection companies, cathodic protection service providers.
  • Evaluate new test methods, sensors and monitoring techniques for data-driven corrosion management.
  • Source the latest equipment, instruments and materials for research and field applications.
  • Get updated on evolving industry standards, regulations and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Benchmark your organization's corrosion management practices against industry leaders.
  • Understand failure analysis techniques to determine root causes of asset deterioration.
  • Train staff on safe working practices for inspecting, repairing corroded structures.
  • Understand life cycle costing models to optimize maintenance budgets.
  • Learn about integrated multi-technique approaches for comprehensive corrosion assessment.
  • Gain certification by attending workshops/courses at the conference venue.
  • Get insights into innovative material design approaches using concepts like additive manufacturing, surface engineering etc.
  • See real examples of how new materials can extend asset lifespan, reduce life cycle costs and improve safety.